The Creative Experience
SCAD worked under the guidance of HP, Adobe, Intel, and Nvidia to increase brand awareness and usage for the ZBook product through an omni-channel approach to include experiences and other education-focused marketing tools, to show a specific audience the creative power of the ZBook.
This was a two-phase project. I was part of the 2nd phase after the research, where our team worked on Marketing, Production and Documentation of the experience. I extensively worked with the Production team, and swinging between others.
The Creative Experience event opening
Create. Capture. Experience.
The Creative Experience embraces the spirit of working, designing, and creating together. A unique part about this experience was to show the participants a workflow of renowned industry professionals. This workflow included the theme Capture, Create and Experience. We translated this theme into the opening video.
Production Lead: Quint Bailey
Storyboard: Antara Ghosh, Ashley Ortega
Colors: Sarah Haftorson
2D design and animation: Antara Ghosh, Sarah Haftorson, Ashley Ortega
3D design and animation: Ruixuan Pu
Alternative style explored which wasn't taken up for the video and social media
The Live Event Day
The dream team who made the experience happen
SCADpro Winter 2021 x HP, Adobe, Nvidia and Intel

Professor Thomas Hull, Professor Ryan Madson and Katie Winters

Project Managers: Guiga Kasabkojian, Edward McFarland-Catalan, Aparna Somvanshi
Marketing Leads: AJ Torres, Sarah Haftorson
Production Lead: Quint Bailey
Documentation Lead: Patrick Cox
A-Team: Addie Benson, Yang Chen, Antara Ghosh, Arjun Gupta, Tiana Kropko,
Ashley Ortega, Ruixuan Pu, Mofan Tang, Luke Wittman


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